More Parts!

But, I got more parts; another 7 M8 Nuts, 6 M8 Washers, and 3 M3 Nuts.

Like I said last time, it’s a start, right?

And, I rethought my whole printer plan. 

I’m still in love with the Morgan’s SCARA configuration and simplicity, but now I’m also in love with the simplicity and ridiculously low parts count of the Smartrap (be sure to check the Reprap Wiki page too). I eagerly await the full release of 0.4.


Above you see ALL the parts needed to build your own Smartrap. Amazing, right?

It uses a fishing line drive for the XY axes, but Sergei says he has a rack and pinion version in the works. I can’t wait!

I also now think that this will be my new first printer, because of the lower parts count and cost. But, I’ll immediately set it to work fabricating parts for a Morgan.

I plan to (and encourage you to) contribute to the Smartrap’s Indiegogo campaign as well.


On a different note, I saw a study the other day talking about possible dangerously high Ultra-fine Particle (UFP) emissions from 3D printers. I’ve started to try to figure out how to ventilate my printing area to minimize this effect.  

Anyway, hope your weekend was as awesome as mine was, and Happy Thanksgiving! (if you’re in the US)


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