Remember that file dump I was talking about? (And more ruminations about a Morgan build)

It looks as though I may be able to get it printed after all. The day I posted about it, I went to post the files — and realized there was another variation of it I had wanted to do, and got caught up in fixing it all up. Well, I finished today, and I’m trying to see about getting it printed.

Also, remember my thoughts about bracing the bed on a Morgan to help with the sag? Well, it turns out that was completely irrelevant in two ways. First, it wasn’t the bed that sagged; it was the arms. Second, Quentin Harley (the genius creator of the Morgan) already fixed that in the firmware. When (If) I finish a Morgan build, I’ll also post info about SAE equivalents and modifications that will need to be made to use these. The most hard to find metric part in the US is the metric PVC and copper or brass pipes. 

Also, I’ll be using Robert Kuhlmann’s Threadless Ball Screw bracket on my build; check out that post on the builder’s forum on Quentin’s site (

Anyway, I’ll post here when I post to Thingiverse; in the meantime, you can find a hint about what it is in the tags on this post.


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