Back on the Grid! (for now)

Hey Denizens of the RepRap world!


First off, sorry I’ve been off the grid for so long; I’ve had zero time for my hobbies since classes started. My polar printer project is on the backburner for now (I never did much with it except for a few concept sketches, which I may or may not post; they’re really rough and hard to understand); I’m thinking of trying to start development a Morgan derivative over my fall break.  I’m thinking another leadscrew nut and/or another threadless ball screw and a frame brace to stop the bed from sagging on the far side. 

Also, look for a file dump sometime soon; I was hoping to be able to get this model printed, but that didn’t really work out. So, I may post the SCADs and STLs to Thingiverse sometime in the near future. 


As always, thanks for reading!


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