Build Plates Finished!!!

I have finished 5 build plates for a sheet style Prusa i3. These will go up on Thingiverse shortly. One of them has just PLA bushings, enough to have probably 4-5 sets of spares, and of 4 different varieties. Besides the stock parts, this contains a number of upgrades from Thingiverse, which I will try to list here…

So without further ado, I present to you (drumroll,please) PRUSA i3 PLATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I realize that this is perhaps not the best use of space on the printbed, but I was having some problems with OpenSCAD not rendering properly to export to STL…. I ended up having to use TinkerCAD for bits of the last two plates…

This plate includes Mark Benson’s Dual i3 Bowden Hotend Clamp. It also has Applerust’s PLA Z coupling. I later realized that the Z rods on the Prusa i3 are actually M5. However, I didn’t feel like going back and messing with the SCAD file, and I’m sure that I’ll have some use for them eventually (probably on another printer)….


This plate contains another Applerust’s PLA Z coupling, as well as Xoan Sampaino’s i3 Reinforced Y Motor Mount.


This plate contains Woodsmoke’s 3mm version of RichRap’s Bowden Geared ExtruderTriffid_Hunter’s Parametric Herringbone Gear Set for Greg’s Accessible Wade’s,  and a pair of Z couplers (in the correct size) generated from Griffin Nicoll’s Parametric Shaft Coupling script.


This plate contains another Woodsmoke’s 3mm version of RichRap’s Bowden Geared Extruder and Triffid_Hunter’s Parametric Herringbone Gear Set for Greg’s Accessible Wade’s. It also has Richard M’s i3 Y-Idler with Tensioner and Chris Magno’s Indexed Bolt Hobbing Jig for Rotary Tools.


Bushings Bushings Bushing! It includes Jungseo Park’s PLA Printed LM8UU BearingKR2’s Toothed Linear BearingPropsFactory’s IGUS Style Linear Bearings, and Steve Wood’s Self Centering LM8UU Linear Bush.

I will hopefully be able to get some of these parts printed tomorrow, and I’ll post pics once I have them. Until then,  Adios, Amigos!


UPDATE: I forgot one of the bits in there, which is Bernado Baptista’s Prusa i3 Z Smooth Rod Stabilizers. It’s in the first build plate. I’ve also added it as a derivative on Thingiverse.



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3 responses to “Build Plates Finished!!!

  1. Erwin

    Were you able to print these parts?

    • Unfortunately not; The local hackerspace is about 45 mins away, and I just haven’t had time since school started. My RepRap build is on the backburner for a while, because I just don’t have the time to do much with it right now. Hopefully, I’ll be able to print some parts, and get the vitamins before winter break. I’ll post again once I start getting some parts.

      Thanks for Commenting!

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