Polar Printer Update

I have some preliminary sketches done for the new polar printer I’m working on right now;

It will basically look like a Printrbot with a circular bed; the bed will be belt-driven and will rest on a thrust bearing. This assembly will be held up by a printed part. The shaft will go through the bottom, and have a pulley on it.

I’m not sure about the belt length, though…

The motor will not be geared down, which means that the whole of the belt will have to pass around the pulleys for the bed to move a whole turn. This means that it will have to use a relatively small length of close-loop belt to turn the bed.I picture the base as having  a “pegboard on it, and you can snap in collumns to add idler pulleys, to tension the belt as needed. I think the best option for the belt driving the bed will be the 1164mm closed loop belt that Adafruit sells….

For the linear axis, of course, the normal belts will be used; I’ll probably cut to size and then measure it…


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